Resin vessels are used with DI resin by marine fish keepers and window cleaners for lowering water TDS after a Reverse Osmosis unit. They are now being used by fish keepers and know as big blues. These are filled with differing carbons to reduce chlorine and chloramine from the tap water. Used in conjunction with a 10” x 2.5” pre- filter housing to remove the sediment from your water supply. The vessels can be bought as just a resin vessel or the complete set up with a sediment filter housing.  All our Resin Vessels are rated to 150 PSI. That is 3 x the average water pressure supplied to households. The Maximum pressure supplied to any household would never be over 100 PSI.


Size of this unit approx: 47cm H x 20cm W /

 19.5” high 8” in diameter.

Holds Approx 6KG of carbon


*Avaliable as a empty unit or select 'package' for unit with carbon and pre filter and hose click fittings.*

Other push fit options avaliable.Other push fit options avaliable. Just put what fitting you would like in the comments section if you dont want hose click fittings and we will supply for the same price

Resin Vesse / Big BLUE 19.5" x 8"